The Perfect Brew (ebook)


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This is my most popular book. I have over 1,000 reviews on the biggest sales platform for this story.When evil rises, one clumsy witch must save the world.
Cassie Black inherits from her crazy Great-Aunt Ophelia a sentient coffee-house, complete with an inter-dimensional portal. Determined to find her aunt’s murderer, Cassie becomes well-acquainted with her aunt’s life and her dream of creating a haven for supernatural beings. What Cassie finds lurking beneath the small town is a nest of infinite darkness ready to invade the world. She alone can stop it.
Warning: This story involves a seductive warlock, a tall, dark and annoying detective, and a snarky cat that may steal your heart.
As this is a “cozy” there’s no sex or violence on the page but be prepared for some serious romance, mystery, and magic. Buy The Perfect Brew today to start your own magical adventure in the town of Mystic Keep. This is the first book in The Perfect Brew trilogy.

Readers love The Perfect Brew: “This book has all of my favorites: coffee, witches, murder mysteries, and a bit of romance. The quirky characters are lovable and intriguing…. reader review, J. Kimbel A “… fast-paced, laugh-out-loud paranormal mystery romance….” reader review, J. Reads “An entertaining read filled with more than enough twists and turns to keep the reader enthralled …” reader review, J. Guidoccio I “Love her demon kitty familiar. …” reader review, Kindle customer It has “Humor that had me laughing out loud, a cozy mystery, surprises, twists, a hysterically funny cat (Sid, her familiar) and a quirky witch, hunky warlock and handsome cop all made for a very enjoyable story. I loved the coffee quotes at the beginning of each “chapter” of the story.” reader, B