Dial Sorcery (Dial Witch Trilogy, 2)


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When Grigoire the gargoyle asks the enchantress Jane Black to break a curse, her successful storefront for all-things witchy runs into trouble. Using arcane scripts, Jane casts intricate spells to shatter the web of black magic entrapping Grig, but as they work through the process together, Jane’s sorcery creates unexpected consequences in town.

While the local wizards, shifters, and mages turn against her, her usual allies offer their assistance. There is Leos a drool-worthy dragon enforcer who is too hot to handle, Alessandro a blackmailing vampire with his own agenda, and her loving family of witches and warlocks who take great delight in swishing their brooms and swords in her business whenever they can. Adding to this pandemonium, her snarky familiar, isn’t talking to her.
Jane, true to her personal code, is determined to make things better for everyone or die trying.
Is Jane’s magic strong enough to crack the curse, and mend the town’s mojo? Will her full-service sorcery, survive this scandal? Read the Dial Sorcery to find out.

Dial Sorcery is the second book in the Dial Witch trilogy, set in the Mystic Keep world, which chronologically follows The Perfect Brew trilogy. It can easily be read as a standalone story.