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My Latest Book Set Release

The Perfect Brew Trilogy

When the clumsy young witch Cassie Black inherits a sentient coffeehouse in a small town, she finds herself in a hot cauldron of trouble. Her new home is a haven for supernaturals and the primal forces of good and evil battle on her turf for domination. If the darkness wins, it will spread further into the earthen world. It is up to her to stop it.




My Latest Book Release


Dial Magic

The witch, the warlock, and the dream walker …

When the enchantress Jane Black attempts to free a local Casanova warlock from the clutches of an evil dream walker, all hex breaks loose.






Works In Progress

April 4, 2023.    Fangsters (Gangsters with Bite)





May 9, 2023.     What the Fang? (in Sigels & Spells Anthology)


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