Italy 2012

This is my travel of being in Italy Sept. 19th to Oct. 18th , 2012. We spent most of our time in Florence where we had an apartment, but we also traveled to Venice and Lucca.  I’ve reposted them here in chronological order. Enjoy
57 Steps
Merkato Centrale
Wine Town Firenze
Bitten Alive
Number One Reason to Visit Florence (Firenze)
Wine Town Photos
Standing in Line for the Uffizi
Odds and Ends for Today
An Easy Day in Florence
Learning to Cook a Tuscan Feast in Florence
My Number 3 Reason to Visit Florence
3 Things to say halfway through my Florence Adventure
Venice, a city of dreams
Venice, a city of canals or bridges
Our Apartment in Florence
The Price is Right Italian Style
Had to Much to Drink and the Men are Fantastico
Aching in Florence
My Apologies from Italy
Listening to Opera in Florence
Feeding my Muse with Don Giovanni in Firenze
Museo dell”Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore

Being Naughty in Italy is Expensive
Packing up…

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