The Perfect Brew Collection

The Perfect Brew Collection

Books 1-3

By Jo-Ann Carson

Series: Mystic Keep Box Sets

When Cassie Black, a clumsy young witch who likes to party with vampires, inherits a sentient coffeehouse in a small Pacific Northwest town, her life turns upside down and becomes a living nightmare. Her new home is a battleground for supernaturals, where primal forces of good and evil fight for ultimate control. As darkness threatens to consume everything around her, Cassie realizes it’s up to her to stop it.

Cassie’s estranged aunt built the magical coffee house called The Perfect Brew, above a powerful nexus as a haven for supernaturals. Its reputation as a place where all magical powers are enhanced, draws all sorts of creatures from the nine realms, and they don’t always get along. Complicating matters are three men in her life: a seductive rogue warlock who knows more than he’s saying, a ruggedly handsome human cop with piercing blue eyes, and a dangerously attractive vampire. But Cassie wonders if  anyone can truly stand against the relentless forces of evil?

In this trilogy adventure, romance, and magic await on every page.  The fate of the nine realm hangs in the balance as Cassie Black fights for survival and love in an intense tale of power, danger, and dark desire.



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