The Perfect Brew Collection

The Perfect Brew Collection

Books 1-3

By Jo-Ann Carson

Series: Mystic Keep Box Sets

When the clumsy young witch Cassie Black inherits a sentient coffeehouse in a small town, she finds herself in a hot cauldron of trouble. Her new home is a haven for supernaturals and the primal forces of good and evil battle on her turf for domination. If the darkness wins, it will spread further into the earthen world. It is up to her to stop it.

Cassie wonders why she couldn’t inherit a moth-eaten, old grimoire like other witches. All she wanted to do was impress her family by handling the final affairs of her aunt. She planned to sign a few papers and be done. But fate had other ideas.

A rogue warlock, blue-eyed human cop, and dead-sexy vampire offer their assistance, but the forces of evil are strong and it’s questionable whether her little band of warriors can hold them off.

Will Cassie survive her inheritance and protect the town?

This is the first trilogy in The Mystic Keep Box Sets Collection. They are urban fantasy stories about powerful women. Witches, warlocks, wizards, and vampires fill the pages with adventure, love, and magic.


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