The Nanaimo Bar Christmas Mystery

The Nanaimo Bar Christmas Mystery

Retired nurse Anna Maple enrols in a Christmas baking workshop to revive her culinary skills, but when she finds Nanaimo’s most meddlesome neighbor, Sally Evans dead, the cozy holiday setting unravels into something far more sinister. The news of Sally’s demise quickly spreads through the small seaside town stirring rumors about the secrets the nosy woman collected. Could one of them have been so dark it led to her death?

The murder is too close to home for Anna’s comfort, so she decides to hunt for the killer. As she delves into the mysteries lurking beneath the calm surface of her small seaside town, she fears she could become their next victim.

As Christmas approaches, Anna sets out on an unexpected quest for truth. Will the locals sing carols of joy and peace on earth? Or will another corpse lie at their feet on the not-so-silent night?

Take a festive journey to the small Canadian town of Nanaimo and join Ms. Maple as she uncovers a murderous mystery with no trace of gore, sex, or bad language in sight. Indulge in this suspenseful journey with a bonus: three delicious Nanaimo Bar recipes!

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