The Dial Witch Trilogy

The Dial Witch Trilogy

find the magic inside you

By Jo-Ann Carson

Series: Dial Witch

The Dial Witch Trilogy

~ find the magic inside you ~

When the free-spirited enchantress Jane Black defies tradition by opening a sorcery store in Mystic Keep, she sparks an all-consuming firestorm of politics and power. Her every effort to bridge the gap between magic folk and norms backfires, provoking fear, doubt, and paranoia all around.

A drool-worthy dragon enforcer is sent to shut her down, rumors of witch burnings fly, and even Jane’s eccentric family of witches, wizards, and warlocks threatens to cast her out. As her life becomes more complicated, a werewolf who once stole her heart steps forward to claim her.

And that’s not the worst of it!

Great danger lies beyond the boundaries of the realm. A ruthless band of cyborg-vampires plot to abduct warlock babies from her town, aiming to exploit their DNA to create the most savage army in history.

Can Jane master the powerful sorceress within and stand against them – or will she have to watch as children are snatched from their families, and an elite army, the likes of which no one has ever seen, rises to take over the universe?

Come join Jane on this mesmerizing three-book, urban fantasy journey filled with supernatural suspense, and forbidden romance.

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