JoZie Planner, 2024

JoZie Planner, 2024

For Authors by Authors

By J. C. McKenzie, Jo-Ann Carson

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Authors Love the JoZie

“…perfect for upcoming releases and keeping track of a book’s progress. The new release checklist was just what I needed.” ~ Linda in Canada

“… a great gift for the writer in your life.”  ~ author Cara North

“Love this planner! It’s well thought out … ~ a happy Amazon customer

Plan for Success

The JoZie is a 12-month, planner designed to meet the needs of writers like you, who want to stay organized. It keeps the important information of your creative life at your fingertips, and helps you plan to make the most of your time.

The Big 7 Features:

  • A stiff attractive cover
  • 12 monthly spreads (Sunday to Saturday)
  • Spiral bound & lays flat (can be folded without cracking a spine)
  • Tracks daily goals and word counts (or hours)
  • Provides “to do” lists
  • 11 book pages to detail the creation of your individual projects (i.e., IP, ISBN, draft, cover, editors, MS tracker, dates, checklists, SM, ads and info)
  • Blank pages for additional notes

Written by internationally best-selling author J.C. McKenzie, and Jo-Ann Carson.

The JoZie Story

In 2021 on Vancouver Island—a dot on the map off the west-coast of Canada complete with noisy geese, Mounties, and beavers—a mother and daughter met for a writing date over coffee. Each of them arrived at the bistro with their arms filled with a laptop, notebooks, sticky notes, colored pens, and well-worn planners. They shared not only a passion for storytelling, but also a love for keeping their busy, creative lives organised.

That day as they drank their first cup of coffee, they talked about how they modified their store-bought planners to meet their needs. An idea was born: Why not create their own planner?

J.C. McKenzie, a full-time high school teacher, mother of two active young children, wife, and avid reader created the design. She made sure it contained all the organisational sheets needed to help her make the most of her time. Jo-Ann Carson, her mother, watched in awe, cheered loudly, proofread, and researched publishers. They decided to call it JoZie, combining the first two letters of Jo-Ann and the last three letters of McKenzie.

In 2022, they printed the first edition at a local photocopying store. They shared some with author friends to get feedback, and they used it themselves. By the fall they were ready to produce a second edition, the JoZie 2023, with a few tweaks, and professional printing.

The JoZie has become an integral part of their creative lives, and they hope others will find it useful as well.

Please note that the JoZie 2024 is our second edition, and we think it’s even better than the first.

Kindest regards,

Jo-Ann & J. C.

P.S., J.C., and Jo-Ann consider everyone who owns a JoZie to be part of the JoZie family and would love to hear how the planner works for you. You can view screenshots on their websites (i.e., J. C., and/or Follow us on social media to get ideas about how to best use the JoZie, the planner designed for writers.

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