For Whom the Hounds Howl

For Whom the Hounds Howl

By Jo-Ann Carson

Series: Anna Maple Cozy Mysteries

For Whom the Hounds Howl


Anna Maple Cozy Mysteries, book 2

As soon as Anna Maple, retired nurse, and part owner of the Cozy Corner Café, discovers a lifeless body outside her shop, she knows she must put her sleuthing skills to work. Was it the missing foot that gave her a hunch? Or was it just her intuition kicking in? Whatever it was, she couldn’t leave it up to the local Mounties. With her sharp understanding of human nature and the help of her trusty sidekick, mini poodle Winston, Anna is determined to catch the killer.

Luckily for Anna, she has some assistance from her handsome friend Oliver Carter, a former spy with a knack for reading criminal minds. Along with her best friends Lucy Secord and Ashley Taylor, who may not always give the best advice (dating sites? really?), they make a formidable team. What could possibly go wrong?

Join this delightful cast of characters as they untangle the murder mystery that has shaken their small Canadian town. This is book two in the ongoing series of Anna Maple Cozy Mysteries, but don’t worry – it can be enjoyed as a standalone too. And don’t worry about any graphic scenes – this cozy mystery has no sex, gore or violence on its pages.

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