Fangs for the Memories (Fangsters Book 3)

Fangs for the Memories (Fangsters Book 3)

By Jo-Ann Carson

Series: Fangsters

Fangs for the Memories

(Fangsters Series, Book 3)

No one ever forgets prom night.

There is no rest for a wicked witch and as a result I’m in one hot cauldron of a mess. The Prom Queen was murdered on my watch, and Alessandro, the most notorious vampire in all the realms, will expose my darkest secret if I don’t catch the murderer within seven days. He loves deadlines. I don’t. Meanwhile, some idiot stole a powerful artifact from a casket at Fangsters, my academy for delinquent teenage vampires.  I’m told this could lead to a supernatural Armageddon. I have few clues for either mystery, the odds are against me, and I’m running out of time.

When the students asked for permission to hold a Spring Prom, I couldn’t refuse them. I’m the administrator of the school and together we had survived hell in our renovated bordello filled with secrets, scandals, and murder. Having something ordinary like a fancy dance to look forward to, sounded like a great idea. I imagined all of us dressed in glamorous dresses and sexy tuxedoes dancing the night away with a few gawdy black decorations pinned to the walls. Maybe some of the vampires would come in feathers or masks, but I didn’t care. It would be a grand celebration. No one likes to party more than vampires. But when I agreed to their plan, I didn’t realize it would involve another murder.

To make matters worse, a sacred vampire artifact, was stolen. Living with the undead is never dull.

Luckily—or maybe unluckily—I have backup. There’s my nemesis, Onyx, who runs security and makes no secret of the fact he wants to get rid of me. There’s my new love interest Leroy, a werewolf enforcer who wants to keep me under his paw. And last, but never least, there’s my family. My sisters are powerful witches who love to give advice, and my brothers-in-law are supernatural cops.

What’s a witch to do? Will I catch the murderer and keep my skeleton in the broom closet? Will I find the artifact and prevent a supernatural catastrophe? And will my man-trouble ever end?

My name is Rebel Black. I’m the book-nerd sorceress dragged into the bloody world of the living dead, because of a dirty little secret.

A humorous urban fantasy with bite, Fangs for the Memories, is the third book in the Fangsters six-book series, set in the Mystic Keep World. It’s a fast-paced vampire mystery, with a slow burn romance. Filled with witches, warlocks, werewolves, and vampires the drama never lets up. While it can be read as a standalone, it’s best read after the first two books, Fangsters, a novel, and Fangs for the Bite.


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