Fangs for the Bite (Fangsters, book 2)

Fangs for the Bite (Fangsters, book 2)

A tasteful murder.

By Jo-Ann Carson

Series: Fangsters

Fangs for the Bite (Fangsters, book 2)

~ a tasteful tale of murder

When the vampire, librarian, Professor Goreson is savagely murdered, the future of Fangsters, my academy for delinquent teenagers with fangs, is threatened. Now I have to catch the killer and restore peace to our school quickly, or my blackmailing boss will expose my secret.

The biggest complication to me getting anything done is Onyx, a vampire who oversees security and acts as my second-in-command. He wants to get rid of me and is making my life pure hell. To make matters worse, the guy is devastatingly handsome and charismatic in a dark, dangerous, night stalker way. It’s impossible to ignore the growing sexual tension between us.

Forced into a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a killer, I find myself relying not only on the sly Onyx but also on a werewolf protector named Leroy. The way he snarls at Onyx warms my heart. In this new world where danger lurks around every corner, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to survive and find the murderer.

As I dig deeper into the mystery, secrets unravel that threaten to tear everything apart. Will I make it out alive? Will I be able to solve the case before it’s too late? And can I keep my secret safe for another day.

My name is Rebel Black. I’m the book-nerd witch dragged into the bloody world of the living dead. I’m forced to run an academy for teenage predators in a small Pacific Northwest coastal town called Mystic Keep. No one understands my plight, no one can comprehend the horrors of my life, yet here I am—tasked with providing enlightenment to the darkest creatures this world has ever seen—and solve a few murders on the side.

Fangs for the Bite is a humorous urban fantasy, and fast-paced vampire mystery with a slow-burn romance. Filled with witches, warlocks, werewolves, and vampires, the drama never lets up. It is the second book in a six-book series. While it can be read as a standalone, it’s best read after the first book, Fangsters, a novel.


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“A fang-tastic urban fantasy! I love the sexy dynamic between Onyx and Rebel... And now with Leroy the werewolf in the mix, it promises even more magic and mysterious hijinks. This school for naughty vampires gets better and better!” (Marianne on BookBub) “I absolutely love this series!! Rebel is so very sweet with a backbone of steel… if you need a lift of fun snark fast moving action and characters you will fall in love with run and get this series you will thank me I promise.” (Tracy on BookBub) “Loving this series! The characters are great and the world building continues in this book. The complex relationships between the characters makes for frenzied page turning. There are secrets uncovered, murders, and betrayal as the school for naughty vamps continues to grow and fill with intriguing characters.” (Crokic on BookBub) “I’m so in love with these characters… I love all the characters, I love Rebel’s sleuthing, and I just love this series, period. Fun, well-written, and engaging, all the things I want in a cozy paranormal. I’m also very curious about Harvey…Highly recommend…” (PenKay on BookBub) “… It's a perfect blend of humor, drama, surprises, interesting romance and filled with witches, vampires, werewolves and who knows what other beings could be lurking… great writing!” (Babraann on BookBub) “… the story was humorous and has well written scary parts (for Rebel), as well as an interesting murder mystery and potential love triangles…” (Denise H) “This is the second book in the Fangsters series, and I can’t get enough of this series. Rebel, a mortal witch always says she’s the good, quiet one, but she seems to get into all kinds of trouble. The story is witty and she has several love interests, though she seems a little clueless about it. I’m thoroughly invested in Rebel, the Academy, and the other characters. It was fun seeing her piece together the murder mystery. If you like paranormal cozy mysteries, you’ll get hooked on this one.” (Elements5 on BookBub) “This was a lot of fun! I liked the overall premise of Fangsters as an academic institution, and as a teacher I found the snarkiness and eye rolls from some of the students towards Rebel to be SO real. I couldn’t help but laugh. The dynamic between Onyx and Rebel is intriguing, and I love the golden retriever-like Leroy, with his cooking skills, sense of humor, and I-will-protect-you vibe. Oh, also his heated looks and playful but sexy I-know-how-we-can-enjoy-ourselves/you-know-you-want-to mojo. This was a quick, easy, read that was fun all around. Love the old school reference to Rebel’s familiar…” (aventurosa on BookBub) I love this series. This is a fun modern paranormal murder mystery! There is also a slow burn romance. Who will Rebel choose? …
-- Jamietessier2 on BookBub