A Triple Shot of Trouble

A Triple Shot of Trouble

Triple trouble, boil, and bubble

By Jo-Ann Carson

Series: Perfect Brew Cozy Mystery

Can an enchantress stop evil from taking over the world? In the third book in the Perfect Brew trilogy, Cassie Black, a powerful witch with a serious caffeine addiction, faces Erebus, The Lord of Darkness. With the help of a sexy warlock, a vampire who doesn’t understand the word “no,” and a very-human detective, she searches for a way to banish the dark overlord forever.

It’s been months since Erebus raised his head, but when an artist in town is murdered, Cassie knows the beast is back. Using all her resources, she searches for her friend’s murderer knowing her efforts will lead to the source of all evil.

Will the body count rise before Cassie catches the killer? Will she vanquish Erebus once and for all? Will her love-life settle down? There’s a lot of drama stewing in Cassie’s caldron.


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