A Blind Date for Christmas

A Blind Date for Christmas

A story about forbidden love.

By Jo-Ann Carson

Series: Mystic Keep Universe

A Blind Date for Christmas

A story about forbidden love  

Oscar Andersson is a cursed barista who cannot find love, and Annabelle Gibson is the witch who intends to fix him.

In Mystic Keep, a small Pacific Northwest town where everything goes bump in the night, there is an enchanted coffee house called The Perfect Brew. Oscar and Annabelle lace every cup of coffee with magic to heal the hearts of their customers and help them make their dreams come true. But the barista’s lives are far from perfect.

Oscar Andersson has the Nordic good looks of a movie star. Not only is he hot; he’s also kind, thoughtful, and generous. Oscar is the kind of man every mother dreams her daughter would marry, and every woman dreams of bedding. But he’s not available. It’s not that Oscar doesn’t want to find love, and it’s not that he hasn’t tried. He’s dated blondes, redheads, brunettes, witches, humans, and even gargoyles, but his attraction never turns into love. He’s a serial one-night stand.

Annabelle Gibson is a feisty, red-headed beauty, with a reputation for breaking hearts. While all sorts of men drool at her feet, she’s never found the right one. Oscar’s lukewarm response to her charms shocks her. No matter what she does, she can’t get him to see her as anything but a friend.

Belle hatches a plan to win his heart. She gives him a Christmas present he can’t refuse: three blind-dates. The third date will be with her. By the time it’s her turn, she figures she’ll know what the hex is wrong with him. She’ll fix him, and he’ll be free to love her.

Meanwhile, Venomilia, the dark sorceress who cursed Oscar, watches them in her crystal ball, ready to step in if Belle comes close to breaking her spell.

If you like clean, sweet romance with a side of magic and mistletoe, you’ll love this short novella.

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