3 Reasons To Not Kiss a Warlock

3 Reasons To Not Kiss a Warlock

By Jo-Ann Carson

Series: Mystic Keep

Powerful magic drew me to a cozy, Pacific Northwest town called Mystic Keep, a sanctuary for witches and warlocks. It’s the sort of place where things go bump in the night—every night—and anything can happen. But that’s not what scared me.
My name is Merlina Black. I’m a middle-aged witch who has been around the block on a broom. That is to say, my dreams of finding true love died long ago. When I met the deliciously-handsome warlock, Donovan O’Reilly, my heart sputtered. That’s what scared me.
I looked for solid reasons he couldn’t be the one. After all, I was old enough to know there’s no such thing as a soulmate, old enough to know love ends in tragedy, and definitely old enough to know sexy warlocks spell trouble. But, something about this mage short-circuited my circuits, stirred my cauldron, and hexed my hormones.
Since bad luck and good magic happen in threes, I figured the cure for my lusty infatuation was to find three reasons to not kiss him. Smooching any warlock is dangerous; lip-locking with this one would be terminal.
Donovan O’Reilly, the town’s supernatural sheriff, enjoyed his life as a single dad before he met me, but everything in both our lives was about to change. Danger lurked at the edge of town. When he asked me to join him to conjure a wee bit of magic, sparks flew.
Will our shared magic be strong enough to save the town? And will I find a reason not to kiss him?
This is a steamy, stand-alone, supernatural-romance set in the Mystic Keep Universe. If you like paranormal woman’s fiction, witchy romance with a side of humor, and/or a slice of saucy urban fantasy, you’ll love this story.

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