A Ghost & Abby Series

Midnight Magic

A single mom and a Viking ghost go looking for diamonds in a haunted manor.

I Messed up Chrismas

Single mom, Abby Jenkins tries to manage Christmas as she solves the mystery of the stolen angel.

Death by Seance

coming May 7th, 2018

Ghost Stories to Thrill & Chill

A Highland Ghost for Christmas

Maddy's best friend gives her an unusual Christmas gift.

Maddy's best friend gives her an usual Christmas gift.

A Viking Ghost for Valentine's Day

The only job single-mom Abby Jenkins could find was at the haunted house. (The prelude to the Ghost & Abby series)

Confessions of a Pirate Ghost

When Harley jumped ship to escape a mobster she lands in Sunset Cove and the only light on in town is in the haunted teahouse.

The Biker Ghost Meets His Match

When Charlene Walker, a tattoo artist with a sweet tooth for bad boys, starts a boycott of the haunted teahouse ... no one is alive or dead is safe.

Cheating Death - A Ghost Anthology

The Gambling Ghosts Anthology. It includes, A Highland Ghost for Christmas, A Viking Ghost for Valentine's Day, Confessions of a Pirate Ghost and the The Biker Meets his Match.


The Vancouver Blues Series

Black Cat Blues

A nightmare waits in the alley

Ain't Misbeavin'

A naked alderman, a haunted trattoria and a love that can not be denied

The Mata Hari Series


Covert Danger

Ancient Danger

Lovin' Danger

Born of Magic

Black Cat Blues