I Hit 1000 on Amazon!!! - Jo-Ann Carson

I Hit 1000 on Amazon!!!

I don’t know if it’s everyone’s  love for coffee, the planets lined up with the satellites and did a dance, or there’s something in the drinking water, but my book,The Perfect Brew hit 1,000 responses today on Amazon. It is a day I will always remember, a milestone in my career.

The Perfect Brew is FREE on all the major platforms. You can find the buy links and full blurb here.

I plan to drink a lot of coffee today to celebrate. It’s a day I know I will always remember.  I might even add whipping cream to my cup of Jo. Mmm, maybe some chocolate shavings … maybe even some Baileys!  Of course I will finish the day with a glass of champagne. I save my corks to remember the big days of my writing career and write notes on them.