A Fantastic Review from InD'tale Magazine for Dial Magic - Jo-Ann Carson

A Fantastic Review from InD’tale Magazine for Dial Magic

Jane Black is a witch who comes from a long family line of witches and warlocks. She is being pursued by a wolf, a dragon, and a vampire, who are all vying for her affections and want to be with her. Jane wants to use her powers to help others. Slade Derringer is a warlock who needs her help to stop Metus from stealing his dreams. Jane agrees to assist the warlock, realizing that if she does not stop the dream walker, her family and the town could be next. With the help of her cat familiar, Vixen, and her family and friends, will she be able to stop Metus and find her happy ever after?

“Dial Magic” is the final installment in the Dial WitchTrilogy. Jo-Ann Carson has created a magical world filled with so many different paranormal creatures that have learned to live and work together to protect their home. One cannot forget Vixen, the cat, and Handsome, the dog, who also bring this story to life with humor and antics. There are aspects of many different genres in this story, such as paranormal, fantasy, romance, mystery, action, and even murder.! The characters are very well developed, fun, quirky, and keep the reader engaged. One will enjoy this story as it will keep the reader guessing if good will win over evil. “Dial Magic” is fun read that will have the reader laughing out loud at times.

Although, the story can be read as a stand-alone, one should read the books in order to get a better sense of the characters and this magical world. A fabulous ending to the trilogy!

Victoria Zumbrum (InD’tale Magazine, November 2023 edition)

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I’m thrilled, over the moon and into the next realm, pleased with this review.