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Why Grimm Fairy Tales are so Important Today #MondayBlogs

Ever wonder where stories come from? Ever wonder why some stories never die? I do, and that’s what sparks my interest in folklore. They are tales that have been passed from century to century. Today I thought I’d share some of my research on the Brothers Grimm.

Jacob Grimm (1785-1863) and his brother Wilhelm Grimm (1786-1859) rocked the world in 1812 with their collection of fairy tales commonly known as The Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

Fascinated by German folklore they collected stories that had been passed down in Germany for generations. Their first work was first published under the name Children’s and Household Tales (1812) and became an immediate success.

Influenced by the rise of Romanticism in the 19th century, the Grimm brothers believed folk stories represent a pure form of national literature and culture. They made it their life’s work to define a methodology for collecting and recording German folk tales. Their collection started with 86 storeis and grew to more than 200.

Their tales have been translated into many languages, used in film, literature, and even Nazi propaganda.

Where did the stories come from?

The brothers gathered many tales from peasants, but they also talked to the more affluent segments of society. They rewrote all the stories they found, in their own style with a rustic tone.

What makes a Grimm Fairy tale so great?

Stories will not pass orally from generation to generation without having enduring qualities that appeal to all of us. In my opinion, that’s why the Grimm stories are so popular. They connect with us on a deep level.

Are the fairy tales too grim?

Many complain that the Grimm fairy tales are too grim for children, but it should be noted that the brothers didn’t write them for  young people. It just turned out that their stories appeal to the young and old, and that many contain morals.

What are the most famous Grimm tales?

  1. Cinderella – A story that is over 2,000 years old, rewritten and published by the Grimms in 1812
  2. Snow White
  3. Hansel & Gretel
  4. The Musicians of Bremen
  5. The Frog King
  6. Rapunzel
  7. Little Red Riding Hood
  8. Rumpelstiltskin




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