3 Point Author Update (22-02-18) - Jo-Ann Carson

3 Point Author Update (22-02-18)

My monthly newsletters are getting too fat, so I’m blogging some of my news in between and I’ll see if that works better.

What I’m Writing This Week

I’m working through the third major edit of Dial Magic, the final book in the Dial Witch trilogy, reading it aloud word by word. Meanwhile, playing in the back of my head are the voices from my next series are talking to me. They refuse to shut up. My fingers are itchy to start the new books, and to make life harder, the covers for the first three are landing in my email box, and I love each one.

What I’m Listening to

It’s been a great week for podcasts. My favourite two this week were:

The Six Figure Author – Their last planned episode dropped this week. The three wise authors (i.e., Lindsay Buroker, Joseph R. Lallo, and  Andrea Pearson) give us their last, best pieces of advice. Pure Maple Syrup for me.

Sister’s in Crime (featuring Charlaine Harris) – Charlaine Harris is one my favourite modern authors, and I love how she thinks. In this episode she talks about her journey as a writer. Pure Maple Syrup with Whip Cream.


What I’m Reading

One to Watch by Kate Staymen-London, a popular Rom Com about a plus-size woman who finds herself featured on a Bachelorette styled reality show. It’s well written, and poignant, yet funny. The style of the prose is deliciously original, with excerpts from SM sites, that give it an authenticity that adds to the story.




Wishing you and yours all the best,