Nanowrimo2021 - Day 17/18/19/20/21 - Jo-Ann Carson

Nanowrimo2021 – Day 17/18/19/20/21

I’m finding it hard to keep going, so I’m going to spend less time blogging. I want to have my life back.

Day 17

0 words

Total = 28,322

Day 18

905 words

Total Wordcount = 29,220

Day 19

1,596 words

Total Wordcount = 30,816

Day 20

0 words

Day 21

0 words

Total Wordcount



  1. I’m getting tired of pushing words on the paper.
  2. The story thins at times.
  3. I couldn’t work on the weekend due to a writer’s meeting and a social event. Am I making excuses? Yup. But I want to have a life.

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