#Nanaowrimo2021 Day 9 - Feeling the slog - Jo-Ann Carson

#Nanaowrimo2021 Day 9 – Feeling the slog

Woke up tired and feeling overwhelmed. The task seems more daunting today. But I will push on. And yes, it’s still raining.

Tarot Card

Kind of Wands – explosive, traveling, watch out for being opinionated

Pep Tip (from Nao …)

YOU HAVE A STORY THAT NEEDS TO BE TOLD, and only you can tell it. You may find yourself facing ogres and tigers and other things with “grr” in their name, but you are fierce and mighty, and they don’t stand a chance.

~ Charlie Jane Anders

Sprint #1

  • on the big screen in my office, 30 minutes, word count = 873

Sprint # 2

  • same place,  30 minutes word count = 883

Total Word Count Today


Total Word Count



  1. The closer I get to this goal, the more impossible it seems.
  2. Okay … the thrill is gone. I couldn’t get myself to do a third sprint, even when I could have joined one doing yoga. Hmm. Tomorrow will be a new day.