#Nanowrimo Day 5 - Are we there yet? - Jo-Ann Carson

#Nanowrimo Day 5 – Are we there yet?

It’s a wet, west coast Friday and I’m still writing.

Tarot Card

10 of Wands- Burdens, 10 wands are a lot to carry. Time to lighten my load. (Maybe I’ll skip the laundry:)

Pep Tip (from Nano…)

But no matter how you write. IT’S ALWAYS YOU AND THE PAGE. And the page isn’t in a position to tell you anything you do is wrong.

Therefore … anything you do must necessarily be the Right Way to Write. Go for it.

~ Diana Gabaldon

Sprint #1

  • in my lounge chair in the living room, 30 minutes, word count = 754

Sprint # 2

  • same, 30 minutes word count = 930!!!

Sprint # 3

  • my office, word count = 431

Total Word Count Today

= 2015

Total Word Count

= 11,342

I earned another Nanowrimo badge, displayed at the top of this post.


  1. I’ve never written words so freely. I don’t worry about editing them in the small or large sense. It’s very freeing. I wonder if it will work in the long run, or whether I’ll have pages and pages of heavy revising to do. I’m guessing this may be the way to go for me, along with thirty-minute stints instead of my usual one-hour one.
  2. I wasn’t expecting to learn more about my own writing practice during Nanowrimo. I thought I would just enjoy the camaraderie.