#Nanowrimo2021 - Day 2 - Jo-Ann Carson

#Nanowrimo2021 – Day 2

Tarot Card

The Two of Pentacles, an infinity sign, “Balance Amidst Change.”  Hmm.

My interpretation –  I must keep track of my many irons in the fire, focus in the moment,& stay centered despite forces surrounding me.

Pep Tip (from Nano…)

“Planning a book does not limit your creativity. When I take the time to plan a book. I’m exploring whether or not I really have a book idea in the first place.” ~ Walter Dean Myers

Sprint #

  • my lounge chair in the living room, one hour, word count =1028

Sprint # 2

  • in my office, word count = 1005

Total Word Count Today

= 2033, and I earned a second badge:)

Total Word Count

= 4 054

I earned my second Nanowrimo badge, displayed at the top of this post.


  1. Having spent a week outlining my novel has helped me get started. Below are photos of my whiteboard. I’m using a three-act plotting structure for this story with a Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat beat sheet in my back pocket. For the second book in this trilogy, I used Dan Well’s 7 point plot structure (photo below) but I didn’t like all the dips. It’s fun looking at plot structure from different perspectives. It’s a bit like trying on dresses. Some are too tight, some too loose, and I dream of finding the one that fits my writing style perfectly. I wonder if it will depend on the genre?
  2. I joined the big organization Nanowrimo.org and the closest geographical location, which is in Victoria, B.C. Canada. Everyone is friendly. It’s like meeting fellow writing-addicts. Events are planned on Zoom and Discord. I’m not a fan of Zoom. As an introvert, I find the platform cold and intimidating. As for Discord, I’m not sure what I would say on their forums. Still, I commend the local authors for putting so much energy into helping the rest of us through this technology.
  3. So far I have drafted the teaser, Chapter One, and the Final Chapter. Not bad for two days work.

Yesterday I published my monthly newsletter complete with a FREE book on Google. If you’re not on my list and you would like to take a look, follow this link, https://preview.mailerlite.com/r1g3e2.

Here is a photo of my whiteboard with my 3-act plot diagram for this project.

Here is the upper left-hand corner of the diagram, the place where the story begins.

And here is the 7 point plot diagram I did for the second book in the trilogy, which is drafted, and steeping.