#Nanowrimo2021 Begins - Jo-Ann Carson

#Nanowrimo2021 Begins

Am I crazy?

Please, don’t answer that. I’m starting Nanowrimo today, the thirty-day, 50 thousand word novel in a month challenge. For me, it means I have to double my output, from 1 K to 2K in the drafting stage. Asking around, I found most writers who venture into this international event love it. It’s not that they succeed in the lofty 50K goal, but that their writing is enhanced either by the communal, group-write, synchronicity, of the thing or by writing more words. So here I am, on day one.

I plan to journal my experience on my blog. It’s kind of an accountability thing for me, and hopefully, it might interest some of you.

Tarot Card

For fun, I decided to pull a card each day. Today I pulled an upside-down Ace of Cups. Hmm. Blocked creativity anyone? lol

Pep Tip (from Nano…)

“Here’s the million-dollar question: how are you going to write this book if you’re afraid to start writing? Give your friend doubt a name and then block his calls.” Kami Garcia

Sprint #

  • my office, one hour, word count = 1440

Sprint # 2

– outside a full local coffee shop in the bllinking cold, word count = 581

Total Word Count

= 2021

I earned my first Nanowrimo badge, which I displayed at the top of this post.


  1. As I expected, the first day was easy as I had been prepping for a week.
  2. I’m excited but also apprehensive. What a great challenge.
  3. I need to find public spaces that have room for me for the afternoon sprints.

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6 Replies to “#Nanowrimo2021 Begins”

  1. Hey, Jo-Ann. Good for you. I’ve never officially done this, but I will use the impetus to get me writing words on my next book. I can ususally do a week of 2000 + words and then real life interferes. Good luck. I’ll enjoy following your progress.

    1. Hi Marsha. I hear you. My life is riddled with interruptions. I’m guessing I’ll get more words completed than usual and that would be good enough for me. We’ll see.

    1. Hi Judy,
      Thanks for the cheers. I’m having fun. Your idea sounds like a good plan, but to be truthful I find 2K a real stretch. I’ll see what I can do.
      Wishing you all the best,

    1. Hi Pat. Me too. It’s been a fun two days:)
      I hope all is well in your world, and that I’ll see you at the next workshop. I haven’t seen you since the “Before Times.”
      all the best,

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