Readers Are Loving it - First Week Reviews for Dial Witch - Jo-Ann Carson

Readers Are Loving it – First Week Reviews for Dial Witch

I am thrilled with the response I’m getting for my latest release, Dial Witch. I know it’s my best book so far, and the readers seem to agree. Here are some snippets.

“This is the beginning of a super fun new series. It just tickles my funny bone! It’s sweet and mysterious, with a bit of steam and a whole cauldron of charm. Can’t wait for more! (Marianne, Goodreads)

“… another winner for Jo-Ann Carson! Unputdownable! (Nicole Laverdure, Goodreads)

“What a wonderful novel. Funny, lively, and action packed.” (Faith Schmitt, Goodreads)

“… a fun and entertaining story with a cast of strong characters.” (Brenda Moser, Goodreads)

“… it’s hilarious and oh so sexy!! (T.M. Payne, Goodreads)

“A couple of my favorite things about this book are the dialogue and the innuendos. The characters are likable with family dynamics key to the story. I chuckled aloud many times …” Korinne Tande, Goodreads)

“… A relaxing read with delightful characters and light-hearted banter …” (Joanne Guidoccio, Goodreads)

“… a fun read with plenty of humor, determination, romance, challenges and entertainment.” (Lauren Erzsebet)

I am so grateful to my readers for taking the time to place reviews. Love you guys!!!

 What is the fuss about?

Trouble brews when a psychic enchantress shares her magic.

When the sorceress Jane Black offers spells, potions, and tarot readings to the regular folk in her small town, she finds herself in a cauldron of hot water. Despite her good intentions, spells spiral out of control, potions backfire, and people turn against her. As Jane’s problems multiply, a drool-worthy dragon enforcer arrives on her doorstep and gives her an ultimatum.
While the universe stacks impossible odds against her, a hot dragon breathes down her neck, and Vixen, her snarky familiar, harangues her every move, Jane refuses to give up. She’s determined to make things better for everyone or die trying.
Is Jane’s magic strong enough to heal the town’s problems? Will her full-service sorcery store, survive? And what exactly will Leos the dragon set on fire?

Dial Witch is the first book in the Dial Witch trilogy, set in the Mystic Keep world. It chronologically follows The Perfect Brew trilogy, but can easily be read as a standalone story.



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