3 Star Friday 03-19 or Why Make Art? - Jo-Ann Carson

3 Star Friday 03-19 or Why Make Art?

Here are my three stars for the week

1 – Reading

If you like Romantic Thrillers, you’ll love books by New Times Best Selling Author, Rebecca Zanetti. I got hooked on her fast-paced stories this winter. They are perfect for stealing one’s mind away from images of spiky proteins, lists of variants of concern, and the salacious details of never-ending political scandals.

I consumed three of her series the Dark Protectors (think vampire alpha heroes, and strong women), Realm Enforcers (witch alpha heroes and strong women), and Scorpius Syndrome Series (post-apocalyptic alphas …).

Zanetti’s prose is so smooth you forget you’re reading a story. Her pace is so fast, you can’t put the damn book down. And her trifecta themes of true love conquers all, the importance of family, and everyone deserves a happy-ever-after ending warm the heart. (Warning – the stories are very, very, very steamy)

2 – Listening

Two podcasts and one audiobook shout-out.

  1. I love Tim Ferris’s interview with Jerry Seinfeld, A Comedy Legend’s Systems, Routines and Methods for Success, #485. It’s filled with interesting information about Seinfeld’s creative process. One of the things that I found most fascinating was that both Tim and Jerry weave TM meditation into their creative process. (I’ve been doing TM for many years.)
  2. For the Indie writers out there- Dina Wink’s interview with Mark Leslie Lefebvre on the Story Artist Podcast, How to Publish Wide and Multiple Income Streams is brimming with information about publishing. I don’t think I can ever get enough of listening to Mark’s humble writing advice. (BTW, he’s the Canadian guy who started the KOBO’s writing life platform.)
  3. My wonderful SIL recommended Anne Patchet’s audiobook, This is the Story of a Happy Marriage. She takes memoir writing to another level. I warn you, it’s long but well worth the listen. I loved it. It was like having a first-row seat in a really interesting life.)

3 – Thinking (or at least trying to)

“The practice of making art is not to make a living. It’s to make your soul grow.” ~ Kurt Vonnegut


Life’s too short to be normal. Embrace weird.


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