March Newsletter - Jo-Ann Carson

March Newsletter

                                    Dial Witch

                        Trouble brews when a psychic enchantress shares her magic.

When the talented witch Jane Black offers spells, potions, and tarot readings to her community, she finds herself in a cauldron of hot water. Despite her good intentions, trouble brews.

The grand reveal that the town of Mystic Keep is a sanctuary for supernatural beings shocks her community. Many people hide behind locked doors, terrified of their neighbors and the strange things happening all around them. Jane wants to heal the growing rift between the regular and charmed folk tearing apart their once closely-knit community. By demonstrating how helpful sorcery can be, she intends to open up the hearts and minds of those frightened by the use of arcane knowledge.

Patterning her business after a famous garbage collection agency, she calls it DIAL WITCH. Since Jane’s sorcery skills are exceptional, she figures nothing can go wrong. But, of course, they do. Spells spiral out of control, potions backfire, and malicious gossip grows faster than the Pacific Northwest mold breeding on her window sill. Determined to do the right thing, Jane keeps her shop open.

When Helios Daragon, a drool-worthy dragon enforcer, arrives in town and starts asking questions, Jane realizes she has a bigger problem. One that breathes fire.

Is Jane’s magic strong enough to heal the town? Can her full-service-sorcery succeed? And what exactly will Helios set on fire?

Dial Witch is the first book in the Dial Witch trilogy, which takes place in the Mystic Keep world. It’s a fun, steamy, romantic fantasy with a side of dragon.

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