My Trike Adventures #3 - Eagles, Falcons and a Hawk - Jo-Ann Carson

My Trike Adventures #3 – Eagles, Falcons and a Hawk


My daily adventures continue.

Yesterday, I watched a Peregrine Falcon on top of a pole squawking away. I don’t know how to spell squawking, but trust me, it was loud! So loud that I stopped my trike and looked up. He picked at the wood between making sounds, which made me think maybe something was wrong with his beak—poor fellow.

At the Helijet center, four eagles flew in circles, shoeing seagulls out of the area. I think they’re fed salmon for their expertise. One hawk watched the drama. I always feel like I’m under bird surveillance there. lol

I also saw a total of five policemen on bicycles riding the downtown area, which makes me feel safe.

And, of course, I stopped for coffee.

It was a lovely day.

I hope you have one today.

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