Me and My Trike - The Beginning - Jo-Ann Carson

Me and My Trike – The Beginning



Like most people, I’ve navigated through waves of anxiety, fear, and despair since the beginning of the pandemic. The world as I knew it shut down, and I grieved. Enough said.

Friday, my trike came in, and I’m thrilled. It’s a Pedago. 

I haven’t cycled for over thirty years, so I started with the basics. Luckily my husband is a patient man and being Dutch, an exceptional cyclist. In the last three days, I’ve learned how to make turns (I thought I’d have a heart attack the first time), shift gears (who knew it could be so easy!), apply power (I felt like a goddess the first time), and brake (my favorite skill). Yes, I know, this stuff isn’t rocket science. Most six year olds have mastered this skill set.

But to me, and my old, pandemic-out-of-shape body, learning how to ride a bike feels like an enormous fete. It’s my Mount Everest, and I’m having fun.

Today I cycled two laps of the harborfront trail and two laps of Newcastle Road, which runs above it. It was a gorgeous, sunlit, June morning here on Vancouver Island. Canadian Geese swam in the harbor. Sailboats headed out to sea. Walkers, joggers, and cyclists bid one another, “Good Morning.” I soaked it all in and counted my blessings.


1, What is an electric bike?

“An electric bike is a regular bike with the addition of an electrical drive system. This consists of a battery, a motor, a way to integrate the motor’s power into the drivetrain, and a way to control that power.” (

Are you a cyclist? Tell me your cycling story. (P.S. I’ve opened up the comment section, so it should work.