I Need to Name a Bar - Jo-Ann Carson

I Need to Name a Bar

I’m not avoiding working. Not at all. It’s just that I got stuck:)
I need to name a bar in my fictional world (Mystic Keep).

I asked Google for good bar names, and there went thirty fun minutes. I found amazing names.
Below are my favorites. Which do you like?

Keep in mind th bar is in a small Pacific Northwest coastal town filled with things that go bump in the night or take a bite, and it’s located at the end of a dock, similar to Queen Charlotte City if you’ve ever been there.

1. The Drunken Dragon Inn (from The Elder Scrolls IV)
2. Joe’s (from Grey’s Anatomy) and also my name
3. The Last Chance Saloon (Gunsmoke)
4. The Oblivion Bar (DC Comics, in a hidden pocket of magic)
5. The Rusty Anchor (The Golden Girls)
6. World’s End Tavern ( World of Warcraft)

or my own

7. The Compass

I’d love your feedback.