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The Launch Week Roller Coaster & #Rafflecopter Contest

3 Bullet Friday (2019-09-20)

This is my weekly 3 bullet check-in, a post in which I chat about what I’m reading, thinking about and doing.


Mystery Genre I read M.C. Beaton’s 27th, 28th and 29th books in the Hamish Macbeth series, Death of a Chimney Sweep, Death of a Kingfisher and Death of Yesterday. The saga of the lazy but lovable detective in the Scottish highlands continued, as did his convoluted love story. I can’t give her work anything less than 5 stars. Love it.

Writing Craft I read LIbby Hawker’s book, Gotta Read It, Five Simple Steps to a Fiction Pitch That Sells. It was well-written and well-organized, but I can’t say I learned anything new. I gave it 5 stars.



Ultimately, a great thriller is a roller coaster ride. I like to think that’s a promise I have never failed to keep, and one that I’d say has served my books well.

James Patterson


This week I launched The Perfect Brew, the first book in my paranormal cozy mystery trilogy of the same name.

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I’ll let you in on a secret. I hate launch weeks. There, I said it. I think I’m supposed to get all excited and beat down every possible door to get noticed and celebrate with vigor. But I don’t. I’m following the “trickle sales” PR route. I set everything up and theoretically, the sales should trickle in. I’m not competing for the NYT best seller’s list, so I don’t need all my sales to hit on one day or even one week, I would like them to steadily trickle in. That works for me.

Why do I dread launch week? When I release a book into the world, I feel as if I’ve started a roller-coaster ride. There are high points. It made it to #17 on’s Witch and Warlock New Releases list, which I thought was pretty awesome. I watched my lovely preorder books fly off the shelf, followed by new sales. But there are also the dastardly low points. One Netgalley reviewer immediately submitted a DNF (i.e., did not finish) and said some rather nasty things, which made it clear she doesn’t like the niche genre. Another Netgalley reviewer gave me 4 stars and pointed out a repeated paragraph. I immediately searched for the repeated paragraph and couldn’t find it anywhere. Luckily my daughter messaged me with the same concern and gave me a location, so I fixed that oopsy. Phew.

I also did something completely new for me. I launched a Large Print edition.

The high point for the week was sharing a bottle of champagne and a Montreal 

Special (pizza) from Mambos with my husband.

Meanwhile, my secret WIP (i.e., work in progress) is reaching its climax.

BTW, In case you missed it, I set up a Rafflecopter contest for my launch. Click on the following link:

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Today is the last day to enter. Prizes include a $25. gift card, $10 Amazon gift card and $5.00 Amazon gift card. Good luck.

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