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Do You Believe in Signs?

3 Bullet Friday (20190913)

My weekly 3 bullet check-in is a post about what I’m reading, thinking and doing.

The Harvest moon rises tonight, Friday the thirteenth, for the first time in thirteen years. Are you feeling spooked out? Do you believe in signs?


  • This week I read David Gaughran’s book, A Marketing Guide to Author Discovery Bookbub Ads Expert. It was easy to read, well-organized, and at times humorous. He convinced me that the Bookbub platform is the best place for authors to advertise book deals. I’m not ready to yet, as I’m just too small and have other ways to spend my money right now, but when I am ready to create such ads, I’ll pick up his book again. The other book I read was Death of a Chimney Sweep by M.C. Beaton. Yes, another Hamish Macbeth mystery. I loved it. I skim a lot of stories, but when I read Beaton’s books, I slow down to cherish every word and her brilliant prose and intricate plots pull be right into the Highlands of Scotland. I’d give both books a five-star rating.


The quote I’m pondering:

,,,no one picks up the nunchucks on the first day in the dojo without hurting themselves ….” David Gaughran


  • Back to my theme of signs. My wool project unraveled. Urgh! I like to have a little knitting project for the fall to keep me awake while I watch the news. In the past, I knit hats for Christmas, shawls, and knitted knockers for breast cancer patients. This year I was excited about knitting an afghan. Each square would be knit with a different stitch. How cool is that? The pictures of the pattern looked awesome and I was excited about learning new stitches. They sent me the first package at half price. I loved it. I had everything I needed and happily completed three squares. One was all knit, the second was garter stitch and the third was seed stitch. I felt proud. Two months passed and I had been billed for two more shipments at full price (i.e., $30 Canadian each) and hadn’t received anything. I wasn’t impressed. It was an expensive project, but I figured it was kind of like taking a course because I would be learning new stitches. But when nothing arrived at my doorstep but bills, I contacted them and long story short, they refunded my money and my project came to an end, at least with them. It’s just a knitting project I told myself, but it felt like a part of me was unraveling. Do you ever build your expectations for a project only to have them dashed? I hate that. Anyway … I’ve figured a workaround. I’ll make my own pattern, buy inexpensive wool and complete the project.

A full moon will rise on Friday the 13th, my latest knitting project unraveled, and … my third sign, a rat crossed my path.

It’s a good thing I’m not superstitious. How about you?

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