Spilling the Beans - Jo-Ann Carson

Spilling the Beans

Here are three quotes from the opening of my next book, The Perfect Brew.

3 Quotes from the Opening of The Perfect Brew

  1. From the Preface: “This story takes place in a time when magic folk live quietly among the muggles, mundane or whatever you choose to call humans who believe everything in the world can be explained.
    We know better.”
  2. “The mystery of the untimely death of Cassie’s eccentric, great-aunt Ophelia weighed heavily on her shoulders. If she could find out what really happened, then her family would find peace. How hard could it be to find the truth?”
  3. “Cassie balled her fists. Thank the good goddess, not many warlocks remained in the world.  ‘I have no intention of disturbing you or your magic, sir.  I am here to settle my aunt’s affairs. Nothing more.'”

But of course, there was more:)

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