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Thursday Reviews: Why Should a Smart Person …. and M.C. Beaton

Why Should a Smart Person Like  You Choose a Low-Carb Diet


You’re smart. You don’t jump on bandwagons. But low-carb doesn’t seem to be going away, and now you’re curious.
Does the low-carb or ketogenic diet live up to the hype? Are there dangerous side effects? Is it even possible for someone like you to go low-carb?
There are so many low-carb books on the market. You’ve seen them around, and maybe bought a few. But it would take hours, or years, to read them all.
Wouldn’t you rather read a concise summary of the latest evidence-based nutritional science regarding low-carbohydrate diets?
The short, easy-to-read chapters in WHY WOULD A SMART PERSON LIKE YOU CHOOSE A LOW-CARB DIET? are quick, entertaining, and cut to the chase. If you want to dive deeper on any specific topic, references are provided.
As a bonus, the author includes some important information about vegetables that you won’t find in the typical low-carb cookbooks.

My Review

T.A. Paulin’s book, Why Would a Smart Person Like You Choose a Low -Carb Diet is an easily digestible book about food and your health. I’ve read many experts on the subject of fat and generally, my eyes are glazed over after the first scientific study, which usually happens within ten pages. Paulin gets right to the point, states what she believes and does not profess to be an expert. It’s a refreshing take on the food business and how to navigate through all the information we are bombarded with.
As to the details …
It reminds me a lot of Gary Taubes bestselling book, Why We Get Fat, which explains how our body metabolizes food and refers to lots of studies. His basic tenet is that carbohydrates make us fat.
As to the writing …
Omigosh Paulin is a masterful writer. Her light, breezy, comedic tone made reading a serious book easy.
I highly recommend this book for readers looking for answers about how to manage their diet, and particularly for those who want an easy to understand explanation.
I gave the book 5 stars on Amazon and Goodreads.

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M.C. Beaton

This week I also read two more M.C. Beaton’s and loved every minute of them. I gave them 5 stars on Goodreads.