Thursday Review - Murder Misunderstood - Jo-Ann Carson

Thursday Review – Murder Misunderstood

51nWzwZXF+LI’m a fan of Susan Bernhardt’s stories and I’ve enjoyed every Kay Driscoll book, but this one, Murder Misunderstood, is by far the best.
The characters, Kay, her three best friends, their husbands, her husband … her community is coming more to life with each book and they add flavor and texture to the story. For example, I always enjoy catching up with young Janey a pizza-loving teenager who likes to shadow Kay, and the trips to the pastry shop with her besties make me drool.
But besides all of that, at the core of the story is a really good mystery. I loved hating the eccentric newcomer to town who grows her own poison garden. I loved how the whole community hated her and then had to come to terms with her murder.
A great read, filled with action, colorful characters and a touch of humor. I highly recommend it to readers who enjoy cozy mysteries. I gave it 5 stars. link