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The Night House – Thursday Review

the night house
A mysterious blue wave of magic rolls across the earth killing almost everyone. With well-honed fighting skills and survival instincts, Taya stays alive. She learns that warriors have come from another dimension to reap the world of its resources. They are called Arkavians. She calls them,  “ … a civilization of good-looking locusts.”
Thane, a member of the royalty in Arkavia, is attracted to Taya’s Arkavian-like features, integrity, and personal power.  Using a non-permanent, magical bond he ensures her service for a year as his bodyguard
On the first day of the invasion she promised herself that she would avenge the death of her friends, but as she spends time with Thane her feelings become complicated. “Guilt stabbed at her chest. Guilt for surviving. Guilt for living among the enemy and not trying to slit their necks at every opportunity. Guilt for actually liking the men on Thane’s team and guilt for … guilt for Thane.”
Taya struggles with her feelings as she helps Thane uncover layers of betrayal in his elite society and the true history of the portal connecting their realms.
This book is truly a flashlight-worthy read. J.C. McKenzie pulled me into the story on the first page and never let me go. There’s lots of plot, lots of action and hot romance coiled with emotion. Taya is easy to relate to and Thane is a memorable hero with a heart of gold and a body of steel. While the fight scenes are detailed and emotion-driven, McKenzie’s trademark humor lightens the darkness to create a well-balanced tone of adventure, love, and fantasy.
I highly recommend this book for readers who enjoy post-apocalyptic stories, or paranormal romance.
I gave this book 5 stars on Amazon. link