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A Feel Great Book

Silver Bells
by Ev Bishop
51Qv0dY84TLSilver Bells is a delightful story filled with love, laughter, and light that left me feeling as if everything in the world is all right.
Bishop pulled me into a cold, winter’s night a few days before Christmas, and started her story. The heroine Bryn is traveling to be with her family for the holidays but her mind is filled with memories of her last boyfriend who had left her feeling inadequate. As the storm worsens Bryn pulls to the side of the road and witnesses a truck spinning out of control. Despite the blizzard conditions, despite being a woman alone, despite it being dark outside … well, despite everything she gets out of her car to check on the driver of the other vehicle which had run off the road.
Bryn meets Sean, a diamond in the snow, you might say, and they fall in love. Their love story isn’t easy and there’s a heart-wrenching twist that I won’t give away. I warn you, it’s a real page-turner.
Ev Bishop writes memorable romance, with very real characters and lots of love.
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