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Do You Suffer From FOMO? #Mondayblogs

I do. I definitely suffer from FOMO and I suspect many of my friends do too.


  • churning gut
  • sore neck from looking in every direction
  • low bank account balance
  • self-esteem issues
  • slightly green face

What is FOMO?

It translates as fear of missing out. I think a lot of writers have it. We join every bandwagon passing our way hoping to be on the cutting edge of “something” and grab attention. Discoverability is becoming harder and harder. We’ve all heard the stories about writers who published in the early days of the indie gold rush and we want some of that success.
Alas, the Indie Gold Rush is over.
I picked up the term, FOMO from marketer Chris Syne on her Smarty Pants Podcast for Book Marketing last week (episode 114). I think it’s brilliant. She recommends writers f do a few things well that focus on developing authentic relationships with readers.  I highly recommend the episode.
Now, every time I consider putting down my writing to try the shiny new, latest and greatest tactic, I stop and say FOMO.
Have a great week.
And as the jingle goes, … don’t worry, be happy.

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