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Thursday Reviews: A High-End Finish and Starlight …

A High-End Finish by Kate Carlisle

A High-End Finish is the first Kate Carlyle book I’ve read, and you bet your cozy cup of coffee I’ll be reading more. It has everything in it 517mszr+w4lto make a wholesome, entertaining read.
What woman hasn’t dreamed of owning a Victorian house, having a handsome cop lend her a hand, sharing a kiss with a charming mystery writer who used to be a Navy Seal and compliments you constantly? Sigh.
If that doesn’t interest you enough, let me tell you it’s a well-paced mystery with vividly depicted characters and a nasty murderer. The seaside town of Lighthouse Cove in northern California is gorgeous. The heroine has a strong, independent character and yet she’s emotionally vulnerable. She’s the kind of woman you would want to hang out with, self-effacing, funny and loyal to her friends and family.
Carlisle pulled me into the book with the story of Shannon, the heroine, going on a blind date with a man who seems charming at first, but then assaults her. She aims her kick for his family jewels and the story goes on from there.
I recommend this book for lovers of cozy mysteries with good plots and charming characters. I gave the book a 5-star rating on, Bookbub and Goodreads.

Starlight and Tinsel by Judith Hudson

41n1gxn+iwl._sx311_bo1,204,203,200_Starlight and Tinsel is a heartwarming story about two highly-independent individuals who lived nomadic lives until they arrived in the small town of Fortune Bay. In each other, they find love and a sense of home.
Judith Hudson’s richly descriptive prose pulled me into this story. From the first page, I rooted for Star, a woman who has had a hard life.
I recommend this novella for readers who like romantic, women’s fiction. (5 stars)
You can hear my Christmas podcast episode with Judith here.