Thursday Review: Death of a Dapper Snowman and more from James Bond - Jo-Ann Carson

Thursday Review: Death of a Dapper Snowman and more from James Bond

This week I’m reviewing two fast and funny stories.

Death of a Dapper Snowman (Stormy Day Mystery, Book 1)

by Angela Pepper
The opening of this story is AMAZING. Pepper pulled me slowly into her tale and then 51E1msNhz2Lbam, knocked me off my reading chair with a shocking event. I don’t want to give away the plot, but she hooked me.
Stormy Day is a likable heroine, the kind you want to hang out with. She left her big-city job to return to her hometown to help her dad recuperate from hip surgery and ease into retirement. The characters Stormy meets are so richly drawn the town becomes very real.
And then there’s the cat, Jeffrey. He’s adorable and indispensable.
The mystery is so well plotted  I didn’t figure it out until the end. I highly recommend it to readers who love cozy mysteries. (5 stars).
Click the cover for the Amazon link. Last I looked it was free.

Secret Bond (Jamie Bond Mysteries Book 2)

by Gemma Halliday and Jennifer Fischello
Jamie Bond runs a detective agency, which mostly tracks down cheating spouses, but this time the main case is personal. The gun used to shoot her father, Derek, three years ago has been found. In order to protect her, he hasn’t told her what really happened. Slowly she unravels the truth and almost gets herself killed.
51Gcb9mXOjLThe two secondary plot lines add a lot of humor. One involves a nudist colony and the other requires her best friend Danny (who we all know wants to be more than a best friend, and who is as straight as they come) posing as a gay guy. Lots of jokes, and situational humor.
Adding to the bedlam is an emerging love triangle between Jamie, her best friend Danny and the grief-stricken DA Aiden. I’m personally rooting for Danny, but I’m not at all sure he’ll win and of course, I have to read the next story to find out.
Its’ the second Bond mystery I’ve read and I’m eager to start a third.
I strongly recommend it for people who like humorous cozies, with Janet Evanovich-like humor. (5 stars)
Click the cover to get the Amazon link.