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Thursday Review: The Banshee of Castle Muirn and Sherlock Holmes

51dEAkJqOTLThe Banshee of Castle Muirn

by Sheila Currie
Sheila Currie’s debut novel, The Banshee of Castle Muirn, is a romantic fantasy steeped in Celtic lore. Currie skillfully drew me into the story with a rich setting, twisting myth, legend and historical detail into a magnificent crucible for love. It is the story of a young woman with the powers of a Banshee living in a troubled time. She would like to live a simple life with the man she loves, but all the forces are against her. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and recommend it to readers who enjoy Scottish historical romance.

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Sherlock Holmes and the case of Brash Blonde

by Gemma Halliday & Kelly Rey
This is the second book by Gemma Halliday that I’ve read. While I believe it’s targetted to51xIQsDHsXL a younger audience, I loved it. I doubled over with laughter when the heroine interrogates a yoga instructor from the sixties and worries about twisting her pancreas. Omigosh, these ladies can write. The mystery is intricately woven with a heavy dose of red herrings. The characters jump off the page. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes witty, cozy mysteries.

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