Thursday Review - Gifted - Jo-Ann Carson

Thursday Review – Gifted

Five StarReview
When a demon enters the paranormal world of the Dark Forgotten, it feeds on everyone’s emotions and threatens the town. Once, “… in the mortal realm it could feed on every soul, stirring up the embers of … heartbreaks, long forgotten feuds and the sweet private moments never meant to be shared. …the holiday flavors were its perfect meal.” No one would be spared. “Love. Memories. Emotions. All the things that made the holidays bright or dark,” fueled the demon. He grew more powerful every day.
I found the premise of this story, that dark thoughts are powerful demons, intriguing. Using a paranormal canvas to explore it–brilliant.
Ashwood’s richly portrayed characters bring the story alive. Take for example the radio announcer, Errata Jones, the were-cougar night radio host, who looks, “…like a naughty list made flesh, but in an elegant, untouchable way.” And Joe, the vampire dad, who chases all over the globe and pulls in favors to get his daughter the present she wants for Christmas, the much sought-after “it” present of the year, a stuffed purple unicorn.
Humor, satire and insight into the human soul combine to make this a memorable Christmas story. I highly recommend it to readers of the paranormal.
So how does one annihilate an, “…evil entity that looked like tinsel and sang Christmas carols…?” You’ll have to read the book to find out.