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Always Learning #Monday Blogs

One thing I like about my life is I’m always learning.


One thing I don’t like about my life,  is that I’m always learning:)

The world spins faster every day and I seem to be slowing down. Motion is an interesting, and subjective thing.

Anyway, right now, one of the things I’m playing with is posting audio clips on IG (Instagram). If people like them, I’ll pay the ten bucks a month. If not I won’t. But, and here’s the catch, they aren’t easy to post on Wavve’s free introductory program. See the clip below and tell me if you think it’s worthwhile. I’d love your feedback.
[wpvideo uzkCW1sz]

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    1. Aaah, thanks Judy. I feel this business is a bit like picking blackberries. I’m always reaching for one that’s just a bit out of me reach because it looks so darn good. Then I ask about the thorns. Lol. Thanks for responding. Much appreciated.

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