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Rained Out at #Word Vancouver #MondayBlogs

J.C. McKenzie (aka my daughter) and I went to Word Vancouver to interact with readers and writers of all stripes. We got soaked to the gills, frozen to the bone and exhausted beyond the redemption capabilities of a Pumpkin Spice late,  but we had fun. PJ came along as security and kept us out of trouble.
We covered everything but ourselves in plastic and we sold a few books, but please don’t ask about ROI.
We left the event early and made a hasty retreat to the ferry terminal to get back to our island. Amazed at our good fortune of being able to drive right onto the ferry (which happens only in fairy, ferry tales) we hunkered down in our soggy van to a one and half hour delay. The engines weren’t working. The captain said we were lucky. It could have happened out at sea.
It was one of those days, when all you could do was laugh, and the laughter was made richer by sharing it with people you love.
Enjoy the pictures.

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  1. Oh, my! Books in baggies! However, your display looked amazing. Yes, what a dreadfully rainy day. Word wasn’t even on my radar and I missed it entirely until I started seeing comments on social media. Wish I had been more alert; would’ve come down to the VPL to say hello.

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