Blood Sweat & Words Launched - Jo-Ann Carson

Blood Sweat & Words Launched

Well, I did it. I launched my first podcast. I ran into a few, last minute speed bumps, but I made it.

Podcast Link

And there are glitches. Like, where the heck did my podcast logo disappear to? But, hey, I’ll find it. I think it’s like socks in the dryer. It’s out there somewhere. lol. (It’s 3 in the morning so if my humor is off, you can understand why.) Also, I can’t for the life of me get my name centered on the front page. “Wrinkles,” I tell myself. “These are just wrinkles.”
Also today:

  • My September Newsletter can be found here.
  • I’m hosting at the Once Upon … Facebook Party (10-2). If you aren’t part of the group pm me on FB and I’ll add you. I’d love to chat. I have four contests set up.


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