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Soft-Boiled Writing in a Hard-Boiled World

The books I’m currently writing in the Ghost and Abby Mystery Series are part paranormal suspense, part fantasy, part mystery and part romance with a heaping side of humor. So where do they fit on the shelf?
I know the reader doesn’t care, but it’s important for me to know where it fits so that I can reach the audience that likes my kind of stories.
I’ve decided “soft-boiled” explains it best. It’s a mystery term used for stories that involve crime, but are light on gruesome details. They can have sex, but not erotica. That fits. My stories are like cozies (think Agatha Christie – small town whodunits where you know all the suspects) but I do have sex. It’s just part of the human story that I can’t seem to leave out.
Is there a place for soft-boiled literature in a hard-boiled world?
Hell, yeah. I think we need stories to take us away from the harsh realities of the world around us.
Sometimes I call it light fantasy or gothic with a wink. At any rate, I’m enjoying writing them.

Kindle Scout Update

Three nail-biting days to go.
I’ve had great response from readers on my book, Midnight Magic. 8.8 K views!!! I can’t thank you enough for viewing and voting for me.
If you haven’t voted yet, please do. It’s a chance for you to get a free book (if Amazon decides to publish me) and to help me get the publishing deal of my dreams.

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