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Make Cherry-Strawberry Bruschetta Like Angela Liddon

This is a Friday #Fingerfood Post

Let me explain:

I confess: I’m a wannabe foodie.
While I’d love to tell you I have an exotic collection of recipes that taste fantastic, are healthy, and don’t require a blow torch (I’ll tell you that story sometime), the reality is I’m a hurried and distracted cook. This week I found my can opener in the fridge in a bag with carrots. Do root vegetables get lonely? Not likely. Clearly, I have a ways to go to become the good cook I want to be.

So I’ve decided it’s time to shake things up in my kitchen. I’m going to try new recipes and pay attention to the details. No more losing the spoon in the sauce.

To keep myself on point, I’m focusing on finger foods on this blog on Fridays. I chose Friday because it’s a gatekeeper for the weekend, and because I like the alteration: Friday Finger Foods.

I started last week with a post: Make Hummus Like Jamie Oliver

I adapted the Angela Liddon’s recipe in Oh She Glows to suit me. That is, I left out the mint because I’m not fond of it and I used an aged balsamic vinegar for a final touch instead of a balsamic reduction. The result was sweet, tangy cherry awesomness.


Cherry-Strawberry Bruschetto Recipe

Mix together and set aside:

1 cup chopped fresh cherries

3 cups chopped strawberries

The mixture

1/4 cup fresh basil (but I’ll try more the next time)

3 tblsp. chopped red onion

a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar (original called for 3 tsp. – I used a lot more)

Set this in the fridge ahead of time, so the flavors mingle ( at least ten minutes.

Prepare the baguette

slice and brush with olive oil one baguette

bake at 420 F

Assemble – Put the fruit and basil mixture on top and drizzle with aged balsamic vinegar


How about you? What kind of bruschetta do you like?

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