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Make Hummus Like Jamie Oliver

Finger Food Friday

I confess: I’m a wannabe foodie.
While I’d love to tell you I have an exotic collection of recipes that taste fantastic, are healthy, and don’t require a blow torch (I’ll tell you that story sometime), the reality is I’m a hurried and distracted cook. This week I found my can opener in the fridge in a bag with carrots. Do root vegetables get lonely? Not likely. Clearly, I have a ways to go to become the good cook I want to be.

So I’ve decided it’s time to shake things up in my kitchen. I’m going to try new recipes and pay attention to the details. No more losing the spoon in the sauce.

To keep myself on point, I’m focusing on finger foods on this blog on Fridays. I chose Friday because it’s a gatekeeper for the weekend, and because I like the alteration: Friday Finger Foods.

Where does Jamie Oliver fit in?

You’ve heard of bend it like Beckham. Well I’m going to make hummus like the famous chef Jamie Oliver.

Now I know hummus is no longer exotic, but a good hummus stands out. It does a tango with your taste-buds, deeply satisfies your hunger and reminds you how wonderful it is to be alive and eating good food.

For this post, I took Jamie Oliver’s recipe from his awesome video clip (below), and modified it. As I’m the only one who eats hummus in my home I made a recipe for one that will last me a week and I adjusted the flavorings to my taste. I can multiply it for gatherings.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Recipe for One

1 can of gabronzo beans (19 oz./540ml.)

2 lemons (because I love lemons)

4 tblsp yogurt

1 heaping tblsp. tahini

4 tblps. Roasted red peppers from a jar (or to your taste)

salt, pepper, dash of cayenne

drizzle of olive oil on top

Suggested Additions:

sliced grilled vegetables
caned peppers
herbs such as garlic

Hummus is great as a dip for veggies, crackers or flat breads. I had mine on a toasted onion and poppy-seed bagel for lunch. Yum.

Jamie Oliver’s Video


How about you? What is your favorite kind of hummus?

Next week – Cherry-Strawberry Bruschetta (like Angela Liddon from Oh She Glows)