Can Synchronicity Promote Your Writing? #writing life - Jo-Ann Carson

Can Synchronicity Promote Your Writing? #writing life

What is Synchronicity?

Synchronicity is a connecting principle created by analytical psychologist Carl Jung to explain paranormal experiences such as esp.

Today we use the term to explain what happens when seemingly unrelated events, connect and create something larger than the individual events.

How does this Relate to Writing and Publishing?

NY Times bestselling, romance author JA Huss states in her truly-awesome video series on marketing, that when you strategically plan your social media promotion for a new release on all the major platforms (i.e., your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest …) then a synchronicity happens that pushes sales.

As we’ve all experienced, promoting on one or two platforms can fall flat. It takes our village to get the job done.

But I Hate Spamming

Yes, I do, and most authors I know feel the same way.

I think the trick is to provide content that doesn’t smack of the spam, content that entertains or delivers something to the reader other than the “buy me,” message, which gets drowned out by the million other voices saying the same thing.

And that’s what I’m thinking about today as I ready my next release. How I can share news in an entertaining way on all platforms. Hmm.

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