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We Found Lost Lake, Nanaimo #Mondayblogs

On a scorching hot day we walked together along a secluded, rain forest trail, dappled in sunlight steaming through the forest canopy. The smell of pine trees, the sound of a large frog croaking among the lilies and the fresh, cool air off the lake gentled life’s stresses. For a few minutes we were alone in the lap of nature. Heaven on earth.
Today I’m posting only pictures, of a day trip we went on this past weekend. It’s only 1 km around the lake, the path is clear and easy to walk and there is little elevation, all of which were particularly important because it was our first day of real heat (30 degrees C).


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  1. Lovely photos, Jo-Ann. And I can totally relate because I spent a couple of hours walking through the magical sun-dappled forest at Milner Gardens on International Faery Day, Saturday, with two little girls. There were little faery houses tucked under towering cedars and peeking out under bushes everywhere. My favourite was a miniature orchestra made of walnut shells, paper clips and pencils under a pine cone shelter. Don’t you love summer?

    1. Hi Pat,
      Being able to share photos is such a great way of sharing our lives. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing Europe through your lens this last month. What a wonderful trip you had.
      I had a great time on our hike.
      Thanks for stopping by and chatting.
      all the best,

    1. I can’t find much of a back story on the lake. Our second reservoir was established there in the seventies, but that’s all I know. I like the mystery of it.
      Thanks for stopping by and chatting.
      all the best,

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